This site lets you explore many popular environmental datasets using the ODV-online browser tool. If you have used the Ocean Data View software before, you will feel at home instantly. If you are a new user see the ODV-online help document or the ODV documents. By using this site, you consent to our Usage Agreement.

Browse the tree structures below, rest the mouse over a dataset for a brief description, click on a dataset to open the dataset in a separate browser tab. Return to this page to select another dataset. Once a dataset is open, you obtain more information about the dataset via the Collection menu. Note that the ocean/carbon/socat dataset is very large and may take a while to start up. Most other datasets are ready almost instantly. You can also open a dataset by clicking on the respective link in the dataset summary list.

Private views and settings are stored in your browser, not on our server. Visit the Private Settings page and learn how to backup and preserve your private data before deleting your browser data.






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